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Main » 2009 » June » 15 » 6/15/09 Monday - Confessing Truthfully released~
6/15/09 Monday - Confessing Truthfully released~
9:06:32 AM
Hiya! We finally have Confessing Truthfully released...

I thought I was going to have to do 60 pages because when I looked at the raws, but it was only 30 pages!

We are releasing 2 chapters because of an unfortunate event... We were supposed to release the second chapter of Confessing Truthfully 2 weeks ago (I think) but I forgot to tell the editor about something VERY important, so I had to redo it myself while she did chapter 3.

Well, voila~! Now you have 2 chapters!

Anyways, I had a kick doing the credits page. She is sooo pretty!!! You'll see once you see it!

Enjoy two releases!

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Total comments: 9
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9 hammy tux  
THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting the other chapters of Confessing Truthfully.. running
we hope that you continue up to the end!

-much love! heart

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8 kkatty35  
wow thanks for these two cute chapters bigeyes

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7 mr77  
Great manga!

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6 frozenhime  
thankkks sooo much i love this manga =)

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5 eclaire  
is so cuteeeeeee!!!!!!! thank u soooooo much for bringing it to us. hope to see more of it bigeyes

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4 esmhie01  
tnx for the release it's so funny i really enjoyed it hope you'll release more of it soon.. girl

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3 Debs  
thank you for the new releases :-)

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2 madela  
Confessing Truthfully is a story that I will enjoy. I want to read more. Thank you for bringing this to us.

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1 batmans1pal  
Thanks so much for these cute chapters!! Thanks also for uploading chapter 1.

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