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Yes, you may. Please go here to look at our hosting policies.

You have to have at least TEN posts in the forum before you can download.
Also, sometimes your status will not switch from Users to Downloaders right away. Please wait a while, and then if you still cannot download, post your problems in the "Problems" section of the forum.

Of course! However, this does not mean that we will pick it up because we need the raws and a translator.

We will consider it, but since we're low on staff, we might have no choice but to decline. Click here for more info.

Please send us a PM or e-mail us at TastyKiwiScans@gmail.com and include the group name, the group's website, the group's e-mail (if you know it), and the project they are working on.

On the menu on the left, there is a link that says "download projects," or go to the forum and you will find a section that says "download projects" right under "possible projects" that will appear to you after you get five posts. If you still can't find it, click here. If you still can't see it, then you probably have not confirmed your e-mail address. You need to confirm your e-mail address first.

Then please submit the question by clicking on the "New Question" button (or simply click here) and we will answer as soon as possible. :)

For new users, double posting will never happen because the forum automatically merges the two posts together.

It is probably because you've been replying with only one or two words (like "Hi!"). You should add a little bit more when you're saying hi (a little bit about yourself, etc.). Also, don't just say "I love this manga." Explain why you like it. :) We request that all posts contain at least one sentence or one line across the reply box.