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15. hana kimi   (08 January 11 12:42:46 PM) E-mail
hello heart
thanks for the hard work bigeyes bye

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14. Sara [tsukiko-chan]   (25 July 10 6:01:39 PM)
i've updated this...oh wow, i really should update the site more often. >.<

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13. Lunaelu   (13 July 10 2:58:55 PM)
Thankyou so much for Love SOS and Bodyguard - both of which I absolutely love!!! heart

Just wanted to show my support and enthusiasm. Really hope there's more to come soon! ^_^

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12. Piko Piko   (13 April 10 1:41:34 AM) E-mail
Thank you so much for your hard work. I'm much obliged to you for translating The Queen's Knight. Keep up the good work! kneeling kneeling kneeling

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11. sawlie   (22 September 09 7:19:57 PM)
thanks for your hard work. but it will be better if we can make donations

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10. didi   (04 July 09 11:27:28 PM)
thank you for translating Love SOS. Can't wait for the next releases. bigeyes

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9. Rosette   (17 June 09 2:21:04 AM)
I appreciate your releases!! Thank you for all your hard work! shy2 inlove roses shy running

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8. Mooni   (11 June 09 6:27:00 PM)
Hi scanlators!
I just want to leave a big hug and say thank you for doing all the work! I love Honggane and hope the next release is coming soon! THANKS!!! bye

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7. mikaila [mikaila]   (13 April 09 9:09:48 AM)
Thanks much for your hardwork guys! i salute you all! heart goodluck!! nosebleed

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6. [Alkana]   (10 April 09 9:40:36 PM)
thanks for your hard work. nice sote and funny comments.

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5. Tyriel   (14 March 09 7:08:43 PM)
Thank you very much for your hard work !! And this site is very cute and nice running

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4. Sara [tsukiko-chan]   (02 March 09 10:56:09 PM)
haha thanks CDWF! kiwi-chan made it. its adorable! girl
ahahhah...btw, we are recruiting translators and editors now. think that's all that we need atm.
XD ahahha im not the only one who uses too much smilies... haha

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3. CDWF   (02 March 09 7:47:14 AM)
depends on what you define 'getting attacked' as glasses

tsukiko-chan: co-admin huh think LOL, tempting but i dont think you really want me to take up that offer XD

BTW, love the layout!! haha, i basically like anything themed white and simple shy2

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2. Sara [tsukiko-chan]   (26 February 09 10:33:02 PM)
oh jeez...we do keep getting attacked huh?
well at least there's a nice comment. thanks miss ai! girl

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1. Miss Ai [SadistixPrincess]   (26 February 09 6:25:21 PM)
Really nice and organized site.
I can't wait to read all the the things you guys are going to translate~
Have a nice day! bye


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