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To have a joint with us....

1. Your group must either be a translator or an editor.
We will not have a joint with other groups who are doing only proofreading/quality checking!

2. Contact us by e-mail or PMing one of the admins in the forum.

Please include the project you want to do a joint with us and what position your group is doing.

3. Credit us if your group is editing.
We will also credit you if we are editing.

4. If we have a recruitment page, please don't remove it.
If your group also has a recruitment page, we won't remove it, either.

5. No projects which are being scanlated by another group.
We will consider projects inactive if the project is in the other group's inactive section or if there have been no releases for more than 175 days.

6. Follow time limits.
Our time limit is one week maximum for the translator and two weeks maximum for the editor (although I prefer editors to finish in one week, some editors can't finish that early because they are too busy).