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Currently looking for:
  1. Korean Translator
  2. Japanese Translator
  3. Editors
  4. Proofreaders
  5. Moderators

Tests must be sent to TastyKiwiScans@gmail.com
If you get accepted, please join our forum and PM moonlit_rose or tsukiko-chan so we can add you as staff. ^_^ It makes it easier for me to keep track of what everyone does. ^_^ 

1. Korean Translator

We need a Korean translator to help us translate some awesome dropped manhwa. We will also do Hwang Mi Ri titles that everyone has been dying
to read. You must take the Translator test in order to become a part of the TK staff.

Please take our test: Korean Translator's test

2. Japanese Translator

Japanese translators are welcome to apply. Must be dedicated and active. Must translate quickly, but if time is needed, we will allow it (also goes for Korean Translators).

Please take our test:  Japanese Translator's test
Thanks to Chibi Manga for this test :)

3. Editors

We need a good editor who will be able to edit fast. Maximum time: 2 weeks. I would appreciate it if you finish in one week or so, but two weeks is ok too (Korean manhwa is ridiculously easy to edit). However, I understand that you may be busy sometimes, so if you make sure to tell me, moonlit_rose, I will lengthen the time limit.

Please take our test: Editor's Test

 4. Proofreaders

Proofreaders are welcome if we need one. ^_^ Please apply if you're interested, because whether we need a proofreader or not fluctuates depending on the situation.

Please take this test: Proofreader's Test

5. Moderators

You don't have to have a specific post number to be a moderator,
but it sure does help ;). Also, I won't accept anyone who posts just
"yes" or "no" answers to questions just so they can be moderators, as I'm sure you all know.

However, I DO need you to at least be a member for a while so I can see what kind of person you are. smile
Please email us if you are interested.

Does any position sound interesting to you? If you think you can do all of them, then I won't stop you! But it's a lot of burden...if you think it's too much, then just take one or two jobs. If you'd like to join, then please join the forum and PM me, moonlit_rose or tsukiko-chan! You can also email at TastyKiwiScans@gmail.com.