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Main » 2009 » May » 6 » Do you want to read manga online?
Do you want to read manga online?
6:43:19 AM
I've been thinking... Do you guys want to view manga in online photo albums? I know that downloading files is really tough when there's a lot of stuff that could go wrong... (like not unzipping right ^_^' )

Here's a sample of how it's gonna look like: http://tastykiwiscans.ucoz.com/photo/5-0-23

Of course, I'm having some trouble making the pages look bigger, but you can just make it look bigger yourself if you click on the "view photo in real size" link below the picture. However, I thought that making it look bigger every time might annoy you guys...

But I'm still going to upload the files to mediafire or badongo or some other site, so the online manga viewing is basically just an addition.

Just to make things clearer, I'm planning on making this feature a "VIP only" because, after all, it is just an extra feature. :)

Reply here on what you think. :) (anyone can reply)
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5 aru1989  
Am I crazy or what? coz i prefer online manga... anyway, I dont have a problem downloading it! =)

4 Jadegreentiger  
I prefer the download version for reading. I am not a fan of reading online because you always have to scroll down to the next button. You can reduce the size of the page, but when you do that, the print gets too small. It's much faster to read the downloads. For people who do not like to download, online is a good option. Thank you for putting together an online page - that's very considerate.

3 Alkana  
I like the download version better but i think a lot of people like it more to read first a test chapter, because they want to know if they like it. I read a lotof manga online but I search for the mangas i like the most so that i can download it. I would rather buy the manga but who has the money??

Either way I´m thankfull for both possibilities. bye

2 kuuchan  
i have to say i've never been a fan of online manga, it takes time to load each page and the image usually doesnt fit the screen so you have to scroll up and down to read. however, it might be an option to people who don't want to download files to their computer :)

1 Ella00  
Nooo, looks horrid. please stick to the download version. ^_^

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