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Main » 2009 » May » 29 » Happy Birthday Winternite and have fun reading Honggane~~!
Happy Birthday Winternite and have fun reading Honggane~~!
1:50:09 PM
Hi guys~~~ It was winternite's birthday yesterday! That's why I decided to release this 40-page special of Honggane just for her!



Anyways, enjoy this.

By the way, guys, starting now, I will try to release every 3-4 days, so if I don't release in that time, then by all means, I give you permission to ask/bug me for more chapters!

I know it's the opposite of what other scanlation groups tell you (they tell you to stop asking for more XP) but I work faster if I'm under pressure... So bug me to death if I don't release in 3-4 days! Click here to post and bug me or email me at TKscans@gmail.com (sorry staff.... I know it might clutter up our mailbox... T.T)

Also, staff members and VIP members and anyone else, you guys can also PM me asking me where the next chapter is.

Anyways.... enjoy.

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Total comments: 10
10 mcsaechao  
love this chapter! thanks so much girl

9 Jadegreentiger  
Oh yeah, I meant to add Happy Birthday Winternite! Honggane was so great - it was so cute when he asked Nan-Hui about the kiss. I love how she thinks it obvious that she likes him, even thought it isn't. Their power struggles are great.

8 Jadegreentiger  
Thank you so much for your quick releases. This is definitely a lot of hard work. I love reading Honggane - the just gets more and more interesting. girl

7 hachee  
thanks so muchhhh i miss reading this manwha girl

6 Ginger  
YAY! thank-yoooooou

5 aya  
thank you so much!!! (:

3 jaycie-chan  
Ooooh, thank you Kiwi-chan, you've made my day bigeyes

2 tsukiko-chan  
inbox full XD
well thats fine...at least we know hard work isnt put into waste!

1 winternite  
Haha, thank you very much for the present!
I'm so going to download and read it right now. Who cares if it's three in the morning! eyes

4 jaycie-chan  
WOW! omg My brain doesn't work at 3 in the morning. But I suppose if its for a fav. manga who wouldn't stay up late running

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