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Main » 2009 » June » 24
Well, as you all know, TK Scans is always open for project suggestion.
Now we have new projects lined up, waiting to be released.
Which project do you want the most? All you have to do is vote in out new poll!

(if you have other project suggestions, post here or at the forum)

Also, yay for the new releases!
Think I wanna call it "Summer Releases: Part I" (summer started on the 20th)
LOL no idea how many parts there's gonna be...

Views: 1487 | Added by: tsukiko-chan | Date: 24 June 09 | Comments (3)

Yay! Welcome to our new project, Gokuraku Seishun Hockey Club! Thank you Jtingx for your wonderful translating and Moonlit_Rose for her proofreading (Even though I barely let her have enough time to proofread o_O *sorry!*).

We also have a Confessing Truthfully release! Right now, it's only chapter 4 that's released, but later on today I will add chapter 5. Thank you to our new editor, Eri-chan for chapter 5 and also Kej for chapter 4. As always, thank you to Winternite for her super fast translating! (She's already translated all the way up to volume 3! *gasp!* ;D)

So the releases today are:
Gokuraku Seishun Hockey Club chapter 14.2
Confessing Truthfully chapter 4
Confessing Truthfully chapter 5 (later on today)

Enjoy the triple release!

Views: 1786 | Added by: kiwi-chan | Date: 23 June 09 | Comments (6)