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Hey guys~! I have a request for everyone.

Sadly, all the raws I have of Honggane starting from volume 6 and up are pretty small... About 10-15 MB per volume and the height is about 600px. What I really need to have better quality is at least 40 MB per volume and the height at least 1000px.

Unfortunately, JanimeS does not like translating from the poor-quality ones and unfortunately again, I also don't like to edit from them either.... ice So it would be a great help if you guys could provide us with better raws! I really want to continue Honggane.....

Please contact us at TKscans@gmail.com, PM me, or just reply to this message if you want to help us continue!

Views: 7539 | Added by: kiwi-chan | Date: 09 June 09 | Comments (11)

Yay! It's Honggane Volume 5 Chapter 5~~!!

I finished fast because this chapter is pretty short. :D

This is also my "I'm sorry" apology for not releasing fast.... T.T

Anyways, enjoy it! It leaves us in such a cliffhanger.... T.T

Btw, I didn't splice the last page together. There was too much missing from the middle, and if I spliced it, it would have taken me longer to release it. You guys don't mind, right...?

Views: 2592 | Added by: kiwi-chan | Date: 06 June 09 | Comments (16)

Yay! Volume 5 Chapter 4! (I know I said yesterday, but... here it is~!)

This chapter shows that Nan-Pa isn't as crazy as everyone thinks he is! What did he do? You have to read it to find out~!

Have fun~

Also, Cream chapter 6 is released! Be sure to read it~ Thanks so much to our very capable editor, Zanne!

Edit: Another release, and this time it's LOVE SOS!! Thanks so much HMR Scans!

Wow, a triple release!

Views: 2111 | Added by: kiwi-chan | Date: 05 June 09 | Comments (14)

Hi guys~~~ It was winternite's birthday yesterday! That's why I decided to release this 40-page special of Honggane just for her!



Anyways, enjoy this.

By the way, guys, starting now, I will try to release every 3-4 days, so if I don't release in that time, then by all means, I give you permission to ask/bug me for more chapters!

I know it's the opposite of what other scanlation groups tell you (they tell you to stop asking for more XP) but I work faster if I'm under pressure... So bug me to death if I don't release in 3-4 days! Click here to post and bug me or email me at TKscans@gmail.com (sorry staff.... I know it might clutter up our mailbox... T.T)

Also, staff members and VIP members and anyone else, you guys can also PM me asking me wh ... Read more »
Views: 846 | Added by: kiwi-chan | Date: 29 May 09 | Comments (10)

Hey guys! Love SOS volume 7 chapter 2 is released!

Sorry for the lateness. :) It was 40 pages, longer than usual.

From now on, Love SOS will be a joint project with HMR Scans! (not to be confused with the old group HMR) So everyone, thank them too! >.< Go to their website at http://hmrscans.ucoz.com/

Anyways, enjoy~!
Views: 1085 | Added by: kiwi-chan | Date: 21 May 09 | Comments (6)

Hey guuuys... It's been so long.... 2 weeks? Yes, I'm sorry. I had a lot of homework to do because of the upcoming EOC's and finals. The teachers are piling up homework like books. I'm sure those of you who took the AP exams had it even worse..... T.T

Aaaanyway, those of you who want to read online, you have to be a V.I.P. (people who have more than 25 posts). And those of you who don't, still can download. :)

Kiwi-chan (otherwise known as Joou )
Views: 838 | Added by: kiwi-chan | Date: 16 May 09 | Comments (5)

I've been thinking... Do you guys want to view manga in online photo albums? I know that downloading files is really tough when there's a lot of stuff that could go wrong... (like not unzipping right ^_^' )

Here's a sample of how it's gonna look like: http://tastykiwiscans.ucoz.com/photo/5-0-23

Of course, I'm having some trouble making the pages look bigger, but you can just make it look bigger yourself if you click on the "view photo in real size" link below the picture. However, I thought that making it look bigger every time might annoy you guys...

But I'm still going to upload the files to mediafire or badongo or some other site, so the online manga viewing is basically just an addition.

Just to make things clearer, I'm planning on making this feature a "VIP only" because, after all, it is just an extra feature. :)

Reply here on what you think. :) (anyone can reply)
Views: 893 | Added by: kiwi-chan | Date: 06 May 09 | Comments (5)

Release~ release~ release~ releeeaaase~~

Enjoy! (I don't really have anything much to say..... )

Don't forget the pooooll on the side! >.<

Oh, and to thank us, just click on any eggs/dragons you see hanging around randomly... Like in the mini-chat.

Views: 959 | Added by: kiwi-chan | Date: 04 May 09 | Comments (16)

Yaay! Volume 4 DONE!! Couldn't wait to read chapter 5? Me neither! XD So I went ahead and took off a LOOOOT of my time to finish this! >.< You better enjoy it!!

This chapter is sooo cute!! Just wait until you read~~ it~~!!

Oh, and for those of you who don't know, we've released volume 1 chapter 5 of Cream, so if you haven't read it yet, be sure to check it out!

Views: 1149 | Added by: kiwi-chan | Date: 29 April 09 | Comments (17)

We made a new forum for you~
It's...a photo gallery!

Let me explain how this works: if you dare show your picture to the public, why not show it here???
When you get there, make a thread, post your pictures, and enjoy! Comment on other's photos too. ^_~

Hope you guys have fun there!
Views: 796 | Added by: tsukiko-chan | Date: 29 April 09 | Comments (0)

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